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Energy Star Rebates Available

All appliances must be ENERGY STAR rated to qualify.

Limit 1 appliance type per dwelling unit.

Maximum household Pay out $ 225

In order to qualify for an energy rebate from the Coggon Municipal Light Plant, customers must complete the appropriate application, available at the Light Plant or the pdf link below, as well as provide a copy of all receipts and energy star/energy efficiency ratings that come with the product.

Rebates will be sent to customers who apply on an as received basis.

Refrigerator (10 cubic feet or larger)                     $ 50

Freezer (10 cubic feet or larger)                              $ 50

Clothes Washer w/electric water heater               $ 50

Dishwasher w/electric water heater                      $ 20

Room Air Conditioner                                              $ 25

Dehumidifier                                                              $ 10

Central Air (14.0 Seer)                                             $100

Central Air (16.0 Seer)                                             $200

Electric Water Heater                                              $ 50

Required documentation:

Must provide the original sales receipt
Energy Star documentation
Serial number of the unit
Rebate form from CMLP completed       

Click on the link below for the Rebate Claim Form  

CMLP Rebate Claim Form.pdf