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July 3, 2018





The Coggon Municipal Light Plant is looking for a Plant Superintendent.  Experience with line work is required.  All qualified individuals interested in the position are asked to email resumes to mrundle@coggonlightplant.com immediately.  Interviews will start immediately and the position can be filled at any time.

The superintendent responsibilities will include: 

·         The management, operation and maintenance of the Light Plant.

·         The management and control of the Light Plant’s electrical system and generation facilities.

·         To receive all Iowa One-Call notifications and locate underground electrical lines.

·         Manage day to day operation of the electric utility.  The superintendent will make sure that the utility is in compliance with federal, state and local regulation.

·         Maintain and operate, bucket truck, digger derrik, high voltage tools and other equipment and make sure that it is maintained and in a safe operating condition.

·         Maintain power lines and sub-stations and keep them in compliance and safe condition.

·         Keeping the utility property and facilities maintained in a safe manner for the public and other employees.

·         Maintaining and manually reading the electrical meters throughout the city of Coggon on a monthly basis.

·         Receiving trouble calls during nights, weekends and holidays.  Troubleshoot and make repairs to electric lines and the generation system and contact the repair crews, if required.

·         Compiling and maintaining written records of the purchases, accomplishments, disposition of equipment and manpower, an up-to-date inventory list and activities contemplated by the board. The superintendent shall make monthly oral and written reports of the activities of the department to the chairperson on or before the first meeting of each month.

·         Perform all other duties of a superintendent nature which are not specifically assigned to other Light Plant employees.

Pay negotiable depending on experience

Scheduled Outages

If CMLP has to schedule an outage due to line repair you will find that information posted here.  We will also post these in the office, as well as with  City Hall and the Coggon Post Office.  If the CMLP office has your email address on file, you will receive email notifications regarding the scheduled outage as well.  Thank you for your patience while we upgrade the city of Coggon's electrical service in the hopes of making Coggon "Great" again.

There are no scheduled outages at this time.

Complaints Resolution Process

If you have a complaint that is related to service disconnection, safety, or renewable energy, and the Coggon Municipal Light Plant does not resolve your complaint, you may request assistance from the Iowa Utilities Board by calling (515) 725-7321, or toll-free 1-877-565-4450, by writing to : 1375 E. Court Ave., Rm. 69 Des Moines, Iowa 50319, or by e-mail to

Iowa One Call

Whether you're trenching in a field, planting a tree or digging a foundation, Iowa law requires everyone to locate underground utilities before digging. First, notify Iowa One Call to begin the process, then wait 48 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays) BEFORE any digging begins.   Call or click before you dig.  This service is FREE and it's the law.                       Click the link below to go directly to the Iowa One Call website.