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The CMLP Board of Trustees meet the second Monday of every month; in the light plant at 7:00pm.  The public is encouraged and always welcome to attend.  The agenda for upcoming meetings will be posted the Friday prior to each meeting on our website, in our office, as well as City Hall and the Coggon Post Office.  In the event a special meeting is called, the agenda will be posted 24 hours in advance, in the same locations.  Please bring any questions or concerns you may have to our next meeting!

Click the pdf link below to  view an agenda.

February 2018 Agenda.pdf
February 12, 2018 Meeting Agenda

January 2018 Agenda.pdf
January 8, 2018 Meeting Agenda

December 2017 Agenda.pdf
December 11, 2017 Meeting Agenda

November 2017 Agenda.pdf
November 13, 2017 Meeting Agenda

October 2017 Agenda.pdf
October 9, 2017 Meeting Agenda

September 2017 Agenda.pdf
September 11, 2017 Meeting Agenda

August 2017 Agenda.pdf
August 14, 2017 Meeting Agenda

July 2017 Agenda.pdf
July 10, 2017 Meeting Agenda

June 2017 Agenda.pdf
June 12, 2017 Meeting Agenda


May 2017 Agenda.pdf
May 8, 2017 Meeting Agenda

April 2017 Agenda.pdf
April 10, 2017 Meeting Agenda

3/13/17 Agenda

2/13/17 Agenda

1/8/17 Agenda