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Residential Customers

¤   The first 500 kilowatts used = 14.5¢ per kw                    ¤   The next 501 kw - 1500 kw = 14¢ per kw                         ¤   After 1501 kw are used = 13.5¢ per kw                             ¤   The first meter charge = $12.00 per month                    ¤   The second meter charge located at the same address   = $6.00 per month                                                                        ¤   Security Light = $12.00 monthly                                        

Commercial Customers 

¤   The first 500 kilowatts used = 15¢ per kw                      ¤   The next 501 kw - 1500 kw = 14.5¢ per kw                      ¤   After 1501 kw used = 14¢ per kw                                       ¤   Meter charge for a commercial customer is $15.00 monthly

Electric bills will be mailed out no later than the 5th of each month.  The bills are due the 15th of each month.  As long your payment is received in the office by the 29th of each month, you will not be charged a penalty. A penalty of 10% is applied to all unpaid accounts on the 30th of each month, with an exception for February in which the penalty will be applied the last day of that month.

Meter Sockets     

¤   CMLP will supply newly constructed homes built within city limits a meter socket at no cost to the home owner.                                                                                          ¤   If an existing home requires a new meter socket, CMLP can provide the meter socket to the customer at their cost.